The best women's football boots you can buy –

The best women's football boots you can buy –

The best women's football boots you can buy –
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The women’s game is growing in size and following with every match day. Today’s star players like Megan Rapinoe, Ji So-Yun and Ellen White are not only inspiring women to start playing football but the younger generation across all genders. 
Despite the global domination of the sport, finding a pair of football boots as a woman can still be a frustrating experience. For starters, why should grown women have to shop in the junior section? 
It’s great to see that many of the top brands and makers of football gear are stopping seeing creating boots specifically for women as revolutionary, and just part and parcel of The Beautiful Game.
There are some truly excellent boots out there, with ground-breaking technology at your feet. From mutated Demonskin spikes to customisable lacing, to boots that repel mud and diamond-moulded kangaroo skin, the future is here. These 8 women’s football boots remind everyone that playing like a girl is always a good thing.

Originally, these boots were £180.00, but they have a 25% discount on the Adidas website right now. The Ghosted boots were designed with speedy attacking players in mind so they could sneak past defenders. They mould to your foot like a second skin which is great for players who like their feet to feel as light as possible. The upper is made from a slightly padded Speedmesh which helps keep the shoe soft, unlike the plasticky feel of previous models.
Adidas has put a slight spring in the toe of these boots to give the wearer the same experience as wearing running spikes. These boots are made for sprinters. They have a lace closure and a low-cut collar, plus they come in the colourway shocking pink and screaming orange which is sure to stand out.
Get them from Adidas for £135.00

This unique design is completely memorable and futuristic, whilst becoming an instant classic amongst players and fans alike. What makes the Predator range so special, including the gloves popular with Gianluigi Donnarumma and Manuel Neuer, is the spiky look. The spikes aren’t just for show, they’re called Demonskin 2.0 and they provide elite grippy control on the ball.
The Primeknit sock collar is ‘Mutated’ to give the wearer total lockdown support whilst looking different to every other boot. The outsole is split which allows freedom to run and move without restriction. These boots also started out at £180.00 and have a great 25% discount on the Adidas website right now.
Get them from Adidas for £135.00

The AC in the name of these boots stands for anti-clog. In a nutshell, Nike have designed a stud plate that prevents mud from clogging the system, meaning you get more wear from your boots. Before this was invented, soft ground boots tended to get matted with mud during a match and you’d have to spend half your time trying to clean your boots to stop you from slipping over. It’s safety 101. As these boots are soft ground they’re meant for the wet and muddy pitches, so the AC is welcomed.
The studs are configured in a chevron to provide multi-directional traction and the foreplate’s Nike Aerotrack has grooves to help acceleration. The stretchy Dynamic Fit secure sock collar completes that new classic Nike look. And the technology doesn’t stop on the outside of the shoe, the NikeGrip insole means your feet won’t slip around these boots, which is especially important in the mud.
Get them from Nike for £249.95

The Nike Phantom boots are made with a FlyKnit upper which wraps the foot in soft yarns and feels like wearing a sock. The GT in these Nike Phantom boots refers to the generative texture that is moulded onto the FlyKnit upper. The texture ebbs and flows throughout the boot as a result of long lab testing of where the ball comes into contact with the boot. It helps create optimal spin and helps grip the ball from the air. The GT2 is an upgrade from the previous so it’s even more accurate than the last and always where the player needs it most.
These boots have a lace closure, and the laces are off centre which leaves the strike zone clear for scoring beautiful goals. The Nike Phantoms are designed with All Conditions Control (ACC) technology which means they are suitable to be worn in both wet and dry conditions. The firm ground studs are best used on short-grass pitches.
Get them from Nike for £224.95

The Nike Tiempo boots use unstitched kangaroo leather for the upper. Kangaroo leather is great for football boots as it lasts three times longer than other types of leather, and it’s naturally thin and strong. The leather’s natural structure is actually something like interwoven ropes which is ultra-resistant and durable. The lightweight soleplate has Hyperstability traction which gives elite level traction on firm ground pitches like short grass.
The inner sock wraps around your foot to keep it stable and secure during a match. The aquamarine colourway is really nice as well, with a kind of geometric diamond texture moulded into the upper. The diamonds are for top-notch ball control. You can get these boots at a good price as they currently have a 34% discount on the Nike website, they were previously £189.95.
Get them from Nike for £123.47

Puma have tailored the popular Ultra 3.1 for women’s feet which might be ideal if you often struggle to find boots that fit. This is part of their commitment to furthering the women’s game as they recognise that some women might have different anatomical needs when it comes to football boots. They’ve got a narrowed heel, lower instep and a sculpted arch shape. They come in the dazzling colourway Sunblaze and Aqua which can be found all the way to the elite pair of these boots worn by Nikita Parris and Esme Morgan.
This boot was designed for pace and speed, they’re ideal for players who like running fast. The internal microfibre SpeedCage provides internal support to help with powerful acceleration. The upper is covered in a GripControl skin that provides a sticky, grippy element to help with first touch and dribbling. The conical studs are configured best for firm natural surfaces and 4G artificial grass.
Get them from Sports Direct for £50.00

Let’s start off by saying these Puma boots have a whopping 66% discount right now, with a saving of £120.00. That might be enough for those who simply like getting their hands on a bargain, but for everybody else let’s see what you’re getting for the money. Thanks to the Netfit upper these ‘yellow alert’ boots have a completely customisable lacing system, meaning you can configure them to your taste.
The graphic 3D Havoc frame acts as a control centre for the boot, with each bump being air-filled to allow a slight cushioning when working with the ball. These are a stretchy football boot with a knitted sock to provide ultimate comfort, so all you have to worry about is playing to the best of your ability. 
Get them from Pro:Direct Soccer for £60.00

These CR7 boots are designed to ‘spark positivity’ and to replicate that relentless winner’s attitude Cristiano Ronaldo exudes when on the pitch. When you factor in a lightning bolt pattern reminiscent of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, there is no doubt that these football boots are absolutely stunning. The red stretchy sock collar feels uber comfortable and flows into a traditional lace closure.
Nike’s flagship FlyKnit sock wraps the foot for ultimate security and is guarded by an ultra-thin NikeSkin overlay which makes the boots suitable for all weather conditions. The studs on the foreplate are angular for explosive acceleration on short-grass pitches.
Get them from Nike for £259.95
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