Looking to improve posture and treat hunchback? These yoga asanas can help – The Indian Express

Looking to improve posture and treat hunchback? These yoga asanas can help – The Indian Express

Looking to improve posture and treat hunchback? These yoga asanas can help – The Indian Express

Yoga is an important part of life, one that has the power to bring balance and a sense of calm, especially in the pandemic. Experts suggest you do yoga every day, for consistency brings results.
On the occasion of International Day of Yoga today, Grand Master Akshar, a philanthropist, spiritual master, lifestyle coach, yoga-preneur and author emphasises on maintaining a good posture and avoiding a hunchback.
Many of us have been working from home, and in the absence of an actual office discipline, our posture may have been affected. It is imperative that you stand up every few minutes, “straight and tall with your shoulders back. Pull your stomach in and put your weight mostly on the balls of your feet. Keep your head level and let your arms hang naturally. When you stand, keep your feet about shoulder-width apart,” says the yoga expert.
He shares an easy guide on how you can better your posture, starting today. Read on.
Malasana (Waste Evacuation Pose)

– Begin by standing straight with your arms by your side.
– Bend your knees, lower your pelvis and place it over your heels.
– Ensure that your feet remain flat on the floor.
– You may either place your palms on the floor beside your feet, bind them around your knee or join them in front of your chest in a gesture of prayer.
– Spine remains erect.
Shalabasana (Locust Pose)

– Lie down flat on your stomach.
– Stretch your hands out forward.
– Inhale completely (Purak), hold your breath (Kumbakh) and then lift your legs up together.
– Balance on your stomach, lift your head and shoulders.
– Keep your knees straight.
– Hold the posture for 10 seconds, slowly bring your legs down and then exhale breath.
Adomukhi Svanasana (Downward Dog)

– Gently drop your knees and palms down to form a table-top position.
– Align your palms under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
– Lift your knees off the floor to form an inverted ‘V’ shape.
– With hands placed shoulder — width apart — point your fingers ahead.
– Keep your focus on your big toes.
Urdhva Mukha Marjari Asana (Upward facing cat)
– Get down on your knees, place palms under shoulders and knees under hips.
– Inhale, curve your spine to look up.
Adho Mukha Marjari Asana (Downward facing cat)
– Exhale, curve your spine to form an arch of the back and allow your neck to drop down.
– Focus your gaze towards your chest.
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