How to get Battlefield 1 & Battlefield V free with Prime Gaming –

How to get Battlefield 1 & Battlefield V free with Prime Gaming –

How to get Battlefield 1 & Battlefield V free with Prime Gaming –

Prime Gaming is offering members the chance to claim free copies of both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5. Here’s how you can get yours.
FPS fans with Prime Gaming memberships will get the chance to land two top EA titles for free in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. Our quick guide should help you download it and answer any questions.

It’s an exciting time to be a Battlefield fan at the moment as Battlefield 2042’s slow-burning previews, trailers, and gameplay is keeping fans ticking over. Excitement really is beginning to reach fever pitch with EA and DICE’s blockbuster shooter looking to dethrone Call of Duty.
To capitalize on the game’s anticipation and get even more potential newcomers on board, Prime Gaming subscribers are set to receive two free Battlefield games.
Here’s how you can get your hands on free copies of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V.
The announcement of these Battlefield games being free simply carries on the hype and nostalgia way that the franchise is on at the moment. It was back in June that Prime Gaming offered Battlefield 4, and now they’ve obviously gone one step further.
In order to add these games to your collection, this is what you will need to do:
Each game offers players two very different, but equally familiar, classic Battlefield experiences for gamers to enjoy and revel in.
Here is the official information from Prime Gaming regarding both titles and their window of opportunity to be claimed.
Available from today through August 4: Battlefield 1 takes players across multiple and varied locations in a bid to fight through immersive battles. From tight urban fights in a besieged French city, to big open spaces in the Italian Alps and frantic combats in the deserts of Arabia, prime members can discover a world at war through an adventure-filled campaign.
“In a true multiplayer sandbox experience, take to the skies and engage in high-octane dogfights through treacherous landscapes, or have a battleship obliterating the coast from the sea, and engage in some of the biggest battles ever seen as empires clash for supremacy.”
Available from August 2 through October 1: Battlefield V delivers the most immersive gameplay of the franchise in a sandbox environment that takes players back in time to the battles of World War 2, allowing players to feel the force of the fight and truly shape the war as the war shapes them.
“Players’ soldiers can now tow stationary weapons, build fortifications, and repair war-torn structures to turn the battlefield to the player’s advantage. Whether dragging a squad mate to safety or shooting a grenade out of the sky, players will forge a deeper connection to the ever-evolving world around them and achieve victory against the toughest odds. With the freedom to adapt and evolve the battlefield in new and unseen ways, the battlefield will never be the same.”
If you’re in need of some Battlefield to keep you going until the release of Battlefield 2042, then make sure to take advantage of this great offer.
Also, check out if Battlefield 2042 will feature cross-platform play.
Image Credit: Activision / EA / DICE
Battlefield 2042 players have been left baffled after DICE removed a fan-favorite mode, even with its declining player count.
Rush is one of Battlefield’s classic modes, and players were delighted when it arrived in Battlefield 2042. However, even after calls for Rush to remain permanent, DICE removed it, leaving players annoyed and confused.

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 is in a rough state at the moment, with players begging for the developers to make major changes that would return the franchise to its former glory.
Battlefield 2042’s Game Director recently gave a reassuringly candid response to these demands, but the community still feels ignored after the fan-favorite Rush game mode has been removed.
Battlefield 2042 Rush quickly became one of the game’s saving graces, and players begged DICE to keep it as a permanent mode. Not only could players experience this classic attacking and defending mode, but it also allowed players to rank up their weapons.
Both Battlefield 2042 Rush and Rush of Ages (Rush across 1942, BFBC2, and BF3 maps) were removed in a playlist update on December 6, which received immediate backlash from the community.
In a damning Reddit post that has received over 13,000 upvotes, user Tazooka sarcastically said: “DICE listening to the community again.”
The replies were full of furious players who were confused why this would be the first change DICE makes after returning from their holiday break.
Battlefield 2042 has seen a massive drop-off in its player count since launch, being overtaken by Battlefield V and becoming the bottom of Steam’s most-played list. So players couldn’t see the logic in removing one of its most popular modes.
DICE’s Community Manager, Kevin Johnson, responded to these concerns, saying that “Rush hasn’t been removed and will remain in some form/theme in [Battlefield Portal] for a few weeks/months yet.”
“Rush of Ages was extended based on community reception and will return in the future,” he continued. “This week it’s Bad Company 2 Rush.”
Rush hasn't been removed and will remain in some form/theme in #BattlefieldPortal for a few weeks/months yet. Rush of Ages was extended based on community reception and will return in the future. This week it's Bad Company 2 Rush.
u/dsmiles said “DICE, just give the players full xp in custom matches like you advertised already,” which would allow players to play any type of Rush they like and still gain XP for it. Portal XP was disabled after players used the mode to farm XP, and players are desperate for it to return.
The featured Portal playlists are set to change again next week, so we’ll need to wait and see if DICE reverts their decision to remove Battlefield 2042 Rush.
For more Battlefield 2042, you can check out how to play it for free, as well as the best mouse and keyboard settings.
Image Credit: DICE / EA
FPS fans may be excited to hear that there will be an easy way to play Battlefield 2042 for free, here are all the details.
If you’re interested in giving Battlefield 2042 a try but haven’t got around to buying it, you’re in luck. Battlefield 2042 is free for a short time, so here’s how to play it for free.

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t had the smoothest launch compared to its previous installments, with players complaining about various issues such as bloom, map design, and aim assist.
Despite the poor launch state and player complaints, DICE has been hard at work updating the game to please the community.
With that being said, if you’re interested in giving the game a go but don’t want to spend the money just in case you won’t like it, a free weekend trial has just started.
As of this weekend, starting January 6 and ending on January 9, Xbox Live Gold Subscribers will be able to download and play Battlefield 2042 for free.
Players can enjoy Battlefield 2042’s free weekend thanks to Xbox’s Free Play Days, where you can play it as much as you like until January 9.
Simply search for Battlefield 2042 in the Xbox Store and it should appear as a free download. But unless you buy it, you won’t be able to access it after January 9.
Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download and play #Battlefield2042 for free as part of Free Play Days program from January 6th to January 9th.
Unfortunately, PlayStation players are missing out on the free weekend this time around. PC players got to try out Battlefield 2042 when it had a free Steam weekend in December, so hopefully, PlayStation players will be next-in-line.
DICE and Microsoft are likely hoping that those who get to experience this free weekend may enjoy it enough to actually purchase the game. And if you want to carry on playing Battlefield 2042, the cross-gen bundle is currently on sale, so you don’t need to buy the game again if you upgrade your Xbox.
If a similar offer is released again, we’ll make sure to cover it. For more on Battlefield 2042, check out how many people are playing it in 2022.
Image Credits: DICE
A senior Battlefield 2042 developer has responded to players’ “brutal” expectations while they were on holiday leave.
Battlefield 2042 launched in a rough state, and long-time fans have been begging for change. Following their holiday break, a developer responded to fans’ “brutal” expectations surrounding communication and updates.

Battlefield 2042 was one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2021, but performance issues and a change in identity left a sour taste in many players’ mouths and led to a significant player count drop-off.
Social media has been ablaze with fans and content creators desperate for significant change, but Battlefield’s last update was on December 9.
DICE and EA have now returned from their holiday break and a senior developer responded to the criticism, calling the expectations “brutal” in a now-deleted Twitter thread.
Battlefield 2042’s developers have now returned from their holiday break, and Global Director of Integrated Communication, Andy McNamara, noted in some now-deleted tweets that “Battlefield fans are p**sed we didn’t do enough updates or communication during the holiday break.”
“Guys, people gotta rest,” he continued. “We have things in motion but we have to figure out what is possible.”
He concluded, “Love you guys but these expectations are brutal” and “the things you want take time to scope, design, and execute.”
The best time to delete these tweets was after sending them. The second best time is now.
However, this response was met with criticism from the community. Popular Battlefield YouTuber Flakfire said “The best time to delete these tweets was after sending them. The second best time is now.”
A player came to McNamara’s defense, saying that “the expectations ARE brutal,” and listed all of the huge changes players are “seriously waiting for.”
Flakfire responded, “That’s just it, we’re not expecting this in the next two months. We have been expecting it for the last three years. What you’re listing are core pillars of Battlefield, which were abandoned in favor of something we didn’t ask for.”
Deleted the tweets. Seems my message wasn’t clear. Apologies.
Andy McNamara deleted these tweets following the criticism, apologizing and saying that it “seems my message wasn’t clear.”
We expect Battlefield 2042 to receive some significant updates over the next few months, but we’ll need to wait and see what changes over 2022.
You can also check out Game Director Marcus Lehto’s candid response to these players begging for change.
Image Credit: DICE / EA
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