Billionaire Humanitarian Sudha Reddy Applauds Frontline Workers As She Turns Showstopper At Bangalore Time – Economic Times

Billionaire Humanitarian Sudha Reddy Applauds Frontline Workers As She Turns Showstopper At Bangalore Time – Economic Times

Billionaire Humanitarian Sudha Reddy Applauds Frontline Workers As She Turns Showstopper At Bangalore Time – Economic Times

Billionaire philanthropist Sudha Reddy is always seen championing socio-economic welfare causes that empower the underprivileged sections when she’s not busy making big moves in the corporate circles.
On the occasion of the 6th edition of the Bangalore Times Fashion Week hosted at JW Marriott, she turned muse for ace Indian couturier Neeta Lulla and spared no effort in uniting her innate passion for philanthropy with her fashion commitments.
The business tycoon looked incredibly gorgeous and graceful as she took to the ramp in a bespoke outfit that took over 200 hours of intricate craftsmanship.
Supporting the event’s theme of mindful fashion, she also ensured the finale show put a deserving spotlight on the frontline workers with female officers of the Bengaluru police force viz. K . Rajeshwari, Shivarathna S, M.C.Kavitha and Kavitha G M, who joined her on the ramp for the final bow, a unique initiative embraced for the very first time at a fashion event. It was indeed an inspiring moment to watch each of these female champions welcomed with much positivity and pride as they received a standing ovation from the seated audience whilst they were being felicitated and applauded.
Sudha Reddy states, “I am very happy that I creatively aligned with one of my favourite fashion inspirations, Neeta Lulla, someone who champions strong independent women through her work. The collection speaks the language of unadulterated romance but also celebrates the power of a woman. A woman can be anything – a homemaker, an entrepreneur, and also a balanced mix of both. I am very happy to be representing the current generation of women who are fearless and yet feminine and who can run a home, go to work and unflinchingly follow their passions. I’m honoured to have received the opportunity to infuse a sense of purpose with something as mainstream as fashion and celebrate the efforts of the frontline warriors who have been nothing less than heroes during the pandemic.”


Widely loved for her compassionate and pleasing temperament, she recently partnered with the Gramya Resource Centre for Women and Kisan Mitra to help rehabilitate the families of farmers who lost their lives to suicide due to financial burden, failing crop yields and bad loans. She also curated an evening of jubilation for the cancer patients of the Sparsh Hospice Facility and also donated an Operation Theatre (OT) complex at the Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital.
Hailed as one of India Inc’s most noteworthy do-gooders, Sudha Reddy propounds the inclusive microcosm of billionaires. Moving from ‘cheque philanthropy’ to ‘hands-on philanthropy’, the Sudha Reddy Foundation works towards the causes of affordable healthcare and accessible education. She spearheads the Megha Group Of Industries and was the only Indian to be nominated for The Global Gift Empowerment Of Women Award. With a commitment and vision to continually pledge out of her personal wealth, she handed over grants to two charities viz. ‘Action Against Hunger and Fight Hunger Foundation’ and ‘Breast Cancer Research Foundation’ in Paris with Elizabeth Hurley in attendance. She was the only Indian and first Hyderabad origin celebrity to be invited to the iconic Met Gala ball this year.
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